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When it comes to Us

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Magda Abdelhai and my goal is to create with you your special moments!
I was born in Greece, and I grew up in both Greece and Egypt, since my father is from Alexandria. Since I was a child, I dealt with arts and sports. 
For fourteen years I work professionally in the field of catering, by filling in positions of organization and management. One of these places was the Ecali Club, of Latsi’s association. After years of experience, I decided to create my own firm in the field of events.
With dedication and passion, I happily undertake the organization of any kind of event, adjusted to your wishes.
I am looking forward meeting you.


When it comes to weddings, we can take care of

  • Finding the church and the reception venue as well as their decoration.
  • Arranging bridal and groom preparation which includes finding the wedding dress of your dreams and of course the perfect suit for the groom; not to forget the bridal make up, hairstyling, manicure, and pedicure.
  • We also take care of the wedding rings, wreaths, trays, book of wishes, wedding favors and picking memorable invitations for your special day!
  • We aim to find the best catering possible to keep your beloved guests happy.
  • Hiring professionals for the music, the photo shoot, and the video taping of your wedding.
  • We also assist on renting any cars needed for the special day.


When it comes to Christening, we take care of

  • Finding a church as well as the perfect venue for the party afterwards and of course decorating both.

  • Arranging the invitations, christening favors and candy bars.

  • Finding the best baptism table.

  • We make sure that the parents and the godparents look their best for this special day.

  • We aim to find the best catering possible to keep your beloved guests happy.

  • Hiring professionals for the music, the photo shooting and the video taping of your baby’s christening.


When it comes to parties and corporate events we take care of

  • Finding where it will be held and then we make sure to take care of the decoration and music and catering

  • We create innovative concepts that are always inclined to our client’s needs.

  • We arrange the invitations and bring a professional photographer for the videotaping of the amazing experience


Step 1. We create a concept design that matches with your needs through our communication and research

Step 2. We present you with the very best idea that is designed based on the concept

Step 3. After your approval we start working hard to convert the idea into reality. Our highly experienced and hard – working team will take care of everything, including all the details that will make you feel satisfied with the end result.

Corporate events of HAI are usually emerging from the larger needs in the corporate world, and then a gathering takes place to contribute to what the world needs!
We are here to contribute to new connections that matter!

Happy customers



“This experience brought big smiles to my friends and family’s faces, Ι will always remember this day! I am so happy for the help you gave us Magda, I wish you all the best!”


“I was very surprised when I realized that Hai events could execute the event exactly how I imagined it! Ι recommend Hai for events of any kind!”


“Excellence in execution of the corporate event, HAI definitely knows how to communicate with their clients, they were supportive and very friendly.”

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Magda Abdelhai

General Event Planning & Destination Wedding Planning

General email: info@haievents.gr

Marketing & Sales: sales@haievents.gr

phone: +30 695 515 2429



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